The following are the requirements of each Level


Before a child can be admitted to the Pre-school program, the following requirements must be complied with:

1.    Meeting the age requirements

Ø  Nursery, the child must at least be 3 years old upon enrolment.

Ø  Junior Kindergarten, the child must be 4 years old at enrolment.

Ø  Senior Kindergarten, the child must be 5 years old at enrolment.

2.    Submission of:

ü  Original copy and photocopy of the child’s birth certificate

ü  Three 1×1 size ID pictures

ü  Certification of child’s immunization for anti-polio, anti-DPT, anti-cholera, etc, or as may be specified by the school

3.    Taking the written examination and/or oral interview 

4.    Filling up of a questionnaire by the parent 

5.    Payment of the required fees

6.    Signing the necessary papers for the child’s enrolment by the parent. For those whose parents work abroad the guardian will do

Junior High School

1.    Entering grade 7 students must:

ü  Present their un-cancelled report card;

ü  Pass the written exam and oral interview;

ü  have satisfactory rating in Character Education;

ü  Submit a clear copy of National Statistics Office (NSO) authenticated birth certificate.


2.    Transfer students (excepts grade 10) may be admitted provided they:

ü  Submit their report cards;

ü  Submit 1×1 size ID picture;

ü  Pass the written exam and oral interview;

ü  Submit a clear copy of NSO authenticated birth certificate;

ü  Submit a certificate of good moral character;

ü  Are accompanied by their parent/guardian at enrollment time. 

3.    Returning students can be readmitted provided:

ü  They submit their report card;

ü  They submit 1×1 size ID picture;

ü  They are recommended for readmission by the teachers/Students Affairs Office (SAO)

ü  If they are on probation, they have to secure clearance from the SAO and the Principal’s office and sign a Binding Agreement. 

4.    Entering grade 10 students must have passed all subjects required in previous year levels. (Exception may be made but on case-to-case basis and within the DepEd ruling.)   

5.    Students having academic/financial problem must be accompanied by their parents at enrollment time and settle such obligation with the respective offices.

6.    Students must fill and sign the enrolment form. This document does not only provide the needed background information about them. it also serves as a binding agreement between them and the school as to financial accountabilities and behaviour.

Senior High School

1.    Junior High School Card

2.    NCAE Result

3.    Good Moral Certificate 

4.    Certificate of Completion (ESC Beneficiaries)

5.    Voucher Certificate 

6.    NSO Birth Certificate

7.    Pass the written and oral examination