Peter Gowing Memorial Research Center

The Gowing Memorial Research Center (formerly known as Dansalan Research Center) is founded on the premise that tension between Philippine cultural communities is partly the result of inadequate knowledge, misunderstanding and insensitivity. The purpose of the Center is to contribute to the easing of tensions and the promotion of peace and justice, particularly between Filipino Muslims and Christians by expanding knowledge, improving understanding and heightening sensitivity on both sides. The Center is trying to fulfill this purpose through a program of research, study, education, and human empowerment.

A Study Center

 In its study center function, the research center has become nationally known as a major locus for the study of Filipino Muslim religion, cultures, and society – and also for the study of the issues (spiritual, moral, and socio-economic) in Filipino Christian and Muslim relations. The Center provides ample facilities for such study including a commodious and well-equipped reading area which also holds the Maisie Van Vactor Collection of Islamic and Philippine Muslim Materials.

The collection is widely recognized by the Muslims themselves as well as scholars throughout the country, as an invaluable repository of the written heritage of Filipino Muslims. Faculty and students from the different colleges and universities in the vicinity of the Center make good use of its facilities as do visiting scholars from the Philippines and abroad.

 The Peter Gowing Research Memorial Research Center is registered with the World Council of Churches as a Study Centre, associate member of the Association for Theological Education in South East Asia and founding member of Inter-Religio. The Center is located at Dansalan College Foundation Annex at Lambaguhon, Brgy. San Roque, Iligan City, Philippines.  

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