From left to right: Mr. Darwin Cacdac, Mr. Carlos Ocampo, Ms. June Rodriguez, and Ms. Mary June Villamucho

March 29, 2019. Evaluators from the UCCP National Office visited Dansalan College Foundation Annex to conduct an evaluation. Their main purpose was to determine the strengths and weaknesses of the institution. According to Ms. June Rodriguez, such evaluation is needed so that they can learn about the school with regards to its strength, and help find solutions with regards to its weaknesses. Together with Ms. Rodriguez was Mr. Carlos Ocampo who is an evaluator assigned from Australia. Both have interviewed all the concerned constituents of the school. They looked around the school facilities and they were quite impressed with the school location.

“I love your school. It is unique and if given the chance I would like to study here” says Ms. Rodriguez. Meanwhile, Mr. Ocampo commented about the DCF students, “While I was watching the video presented to us earlier, I was impressed with their English communication skills. They are fluent. I’m not sure if they have memorized what they said, but they communicate well.”

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