Welcome to DCF Library!

The Library is located at the right wing of the basement in the Administration building of Dansalan College Foundation. It occupies a sufficient area that can accommodate 10 to 15 % of the schools’ total population.

Aside from providing printed information sources, the library also makes available resources in electronic formats like the Internet, CD-ROM, Audio-Visual materials and other databases. 

Library Objectives:

        The aim of the library is to provide
materials and other reading aids in consonance with the credo of the school
which “Seeks life of faith, learning, and action, that will develop people into
becoming intellectually competent and honest, morally and ethically sensitive,
creatively aware and responsive to the needs, aspiration, realization of a
just, free and responsible social order.”

1.    To serve the school as well as the
community as a center of reliable information.

2.    To support education, social, civic
and cultural activities as an individual or as a group through the use of the
library resources.

3.    To educate pupils continuously in the
proper use of the library so that the resources of the library could be used to
the fullest.

4.    To continuously update library
materials, so as to support study of current issues in the different fields of

5.    To serve the information need of the
institution and if possible beyond to the fullest extent as possible.

6.    To provide opportunity and encourage
educational advancement continuously through research.

7. To preserve, assemble and administer an organized collection and others in order to provide through the collection of the communication of ideas in order to enlighten the learners.