History of DCFI

Creation and its fruition

         Created in 1948, the United Church of Christ in the Philippines (UCCP) had a vision to be responsible, empowered, self-reliant, and a caring community of Christian believers committed to the pursuit of a transformed church and society.  That vision continues to be lived as the many projects of the UCCP have been visualized, planned, created, and have come to fruition in the 99.99% Muslim city of Marawi.  One such vision come to reality is the Dansalan College Foundation. 

The New Building

        In the meantime, Dansalan College is concentrating its efforts on its Iligan campus, about 25 miles from Marawi City. In its first year of operation, approximately 300 students were enrolled at the Iligan campus. It has long been part of Dansalan College’s mission to build bridges between Christian and Muslim populations. This continues to be an important part of the work at the Iligan campus as almost all of the Dansalan students are Muslim and the community of Iligan is predominately Christian.

The New Normal

Pushing towards the new normal, the Dansalan College Foundation, Inc. acquire the need of Learning Management System (LMS). With this, Dansalan College- Integrated Learning System is established.