General Objectives

  • To offer to students a high level of instruction, instilling the values of integrity, loyalty and service by precepts and example.
  • To help students discover themselves and inspire them to find self-fulfillment in their individual talents and abilities.
  • To prepare students for a life of service to community society and nation by inculcating in them the values such as: spirituality, work ethics, activism,nationalism, patriotism, sense of unity, justice and equity, and respect for human rights.
  • To develop in students the ability to think critically and constructively.
  • To facilitate the physical well-being of students on the principle that a sound mind develops best in a sound body.
  • To assist students to grow in their awareness of the beauty in creation, art and literature.
  • To provide for students at all levels of instruction a curriculum which is relevant to the characteristics and needs of their society, thus helps students understand and fulfill their individual potentials as thinking, feeling and willing persons.
  • To be aware of the needs of the surrounding community and offer services such as non-formal education, manpower skills training and vocational instruction for out-of school youth; and, as much as possible make available the school’s resources to meet the needs.